Jenna & Mario







Three years ago I met Jenna at church – she was a 🦄. Seriously, she was wearing a unicorn costume at church! And for some reason I thought she was married with kids. We didn't see each other again for another nine months until we ended up in the same small group, where I would show up after work in 👔 business attire. She told me recently that she thought "professional" Mario was 😍. I decided to test the waters (literally) during a half-marathon where she was volunteering at a water station. I flirted – it was a swing and a miss ...

Nevertheless, she resourcefully got my number and we started texting, sporadically at first but eventually it became the norm. Months go by and she invites me to a rodeo fundraiser! (Does that mean she asked me out first?) Fast forward many dates and a year later, we visited my family in Switzerland when I finally said those three words, "Ich liebe dich" (I was too scared to say it in English, so I said it in Deutsche! 😂) and she replied, "I love you too!" ... a few looooong weeks later 😫.

Skip ahead several months and I finally had everything I needed to ask her to marry me. We were at a park around sunset and I had the 💍 inside my chest pocket. I think at some point I awkwardly slapped her hand away as she held me because it got too close to my pocket. I was nervous! Eventually, I gave her a handwritten note and asked her to marry me. She confidently replied, "sure?" which is Jenna speak for "yes!" That was good enough for me!

So here we are, getting ready for a new season in life together ... God is good.


-Mario (Story audited & approved by Jenna!)








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